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var login Language Array = { "language": { "error_email_required": "Please enter your email address.", "error_email_invalid": "Your email address is invalid.Please choose a valid email address.", "error_wrong_username_password": "Identification impossible.However, if it's 6 months out, I probably can't wait for it.Do you have a better idea yet on when we'll see this feature? Hey Evan, @Dave is more qualified than I to answer this question, but while we're continuing to work on it, I don't have a specific timeline.Having confidence is one of the best ways to get a girl's attention, and knowing what you are doing is one step closer to that goal.

I would like to use it on my front porch and am not interested in a doorbell solution like Ring.You and a friend will both need a camera and microphone (most laptop computers will ship with them these days, but there are many commercial options to fit any user’s needs), as well as matching software.These methods cover usage of the the most popular choices for video chat.Read more In the electronics industry, development teams want nothing more than to ensure their products have the highest quality performance and reliability.Now, FLIR has just the solution to help advance product testing and quality assurance in the electronics industry.

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We’re pleased to announce the FLIR ETS320, a thermal imaging and temperature measurement solution purpose-built for benchtop work that provides a critical new thermal perspective on electronics testing.

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