Girls that love to have k9 sex

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Girls that love to have k9 sex

Sandy, Norma, Max and their new friend Brooke were hanging around Sandy’s house, they were bored.“Let’s take a walk around the grounds, it’s unhealthy sitting in this bedroom all day”, said Sandy.“Great idea, I just feel like a walk”, said the others heading for the door.“This place is enormous, how does your Daddy keep the lawns cut”.

Sandy laughed, “he doesn’t, there’s an army of gardeners and grooms to look after everything, there are stables, even a sort of private zoo”.

Max was still looking at the stallion, “I still say he would take a lot of sucking, that cock looks lovely, I wouldn’t mind trying”.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for girls, how are you”, said Selena, “I’ve been looking for you, your Grandma and Grandpa are coming for a while Max and Norma, they have to pick them up from the airport, your Daddy wondered if you wanted to stay here tonight, I said it was fine by me”.“Thank you Mrs Collins, we’d love to”.“That’s okay Max, but please call me Sherene, I think we have enough secrets to call each other by our Christian names, what about you Brooke, would you like to stay”.“I’d love to Sherene, but I can’t leave my Mom alone with those three horny bastards, they’ll fuck her silly”.“That’s nice, a caring daughter, okay, but if you change your mind, now what were you talking about”.“Really, would you really like to try Max, I can arrange it, the head groom owes me a few favours, if he were to say anything it would cost him his job, and prison”.“Go on then Max, you said you’d like to do it, go on then”, urged Norma.

The girls looked at each other, “wow, that’s some cock”, that would take some sucking”, laughed Max“It sure would”, laughed the other three.“Be fun trying though, wouldn’t it”, said Sandy coyly looking at the others.

They watched as the horse mounted the young mare and began to fuck her, it didn’t take long, they heard a whoosh and the horse had cum in her.“That’s not much of a fuck is it, poor mare”, laughed Max, “you’d think with a cock like that he give her a good fucking, maybe I could step in instead”.“You’re mad, mad Max, that’s what we’ll call you, after the film mad Max”, said Norma.

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