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How to start an internet dating business

In the fall of 1964, on a visit to the World’s Fair, in Queens, Lewis Altfest, a twenty-five-year-old accountant, came upon an open-air display called the Parker Pen Pavilion, where a giant computer clicked and whirred at the job of selecting foreign pen pals for curious pavilion visitors. Within a year, more than five thousand subscribers had signed on. It would invite dozens of matched couples to singles parties, knowing that people might be more comfortable in a group setting. They wound up in the pages of the New York subscriber.

You filled out a questionnaire, fed it into the machine, and almost instantly received a card with the name and address of a like-minded participant in some far-flung locale—your ideal match. He called up his friend Robert Ross, a programmer at I. M., and they began considering ways to adapt this approach to find matches closer to home. “This loser happens to be a talented fashion illustrator for one of New York’s largest advertising agencies.

Rather, these are the just first resources for your journey from idea to business ownership.

Business ideas under ,000Business ideas under ,000Finding the perfect words to describe why people’s experiences, special skills, and interests make them the right candidate for a job is difficult work.

Consumers buy more 20 billion garments each year, according to 2007 statistics from the American Apparel and Footwear Association.

Most of these buyers visit physical store locations, but if you set up a clothing business online that carries items of interest that customers can't find in stores you could have a solid business opportunity on your hands.

My parents are kicking me out after December and I'd like to meet a woman with a lot of money so we can have fun. Since I don't really need this, you might not hear back from me, but I do appreciate all your notes. I seem to be attracted to tall women with dark hair, smallish head, elongated torso, with natural finger nails (NO PAINTED HUSSIES!!! Location: Perth, Australia Name: Buzet I am looking for someone who can hold my attention, keep up with me, and who knows how to dress a wound. I keep in shape by chasing chickens around my back yard. Location: Nova Scotia, Canada Name: Fuad Ladies, I'm still available.

I prefer a woman that has insurance and a car would be great as I need to make the occassional trip to Mexico to pick up "souvenirs".

I like a candlelight dinner, some quiet background music, and a couple hits of ether.

Be as specific as possible — for instance if you plan to sell to children, choose the age range of the children you wish to target. Select an online shopping cart program that includes a sizing suggestion feature where previous customers can rate how each clothes item fits--small, large or "true to size." Upload your clothing photos as well as the corresponding descriptions, catalog numbers and prices to your shopping cart program. Apply for an account with a merchant services provider that offers Internet gateway solutions. Establish a detailed clothing sales policy to post on your new website.

This type of account allows your customers to submit payments to you online in exchange for the clothing. This outlines your policy regarding returns and exchanges in case the clothes don't fit, as well as shipping methods, costs and delivery times. Promote your online clothing business with targeted banner and text ads placed on websites where your target buyer may frequent.

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You just need to funnel your ambition and time into an idea that’ll earn extra cash, make you proud, and possibly lead to a full-time venture—and that amazing moment you get to say “I quit! These businesses can be started on a full- or part-time basis.